Result of U.P. Higher Judicial Service (Main Written) Examination, 2014 Direct Recruitment to U.P. Higher Judicial Service held on 14th, 15th and 16th November, 2014 has been declared. High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur notified Advertisement for recruitment additional district judges through M.P. Higher Judicial Service (Entry Level) Direct Recruitment for BAR, Exam 2015 Haryana Judicial Services Examination 2014-Pre is conducted on 10th of Jan 2015. The result is awaited. THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI will hold examination for direct recruitment against 14 vacancies to Delhi Higher Judicial Service on Sunday, the 06th April,2014-Last Date 06.02.2014 13/11/2013: While renewing the term of the appointment of the existing incumbents the State Government is required to consider their past performance and conduct in the light of the recommendations made by the District Judges and the District Magistrates. Therefore, the High Court could not have issued a Mandamus for renewal of the term of respondent Nos. 1 and 2 and other similarly situated persons and thereby frustrated the provisions of LR Manual and Section 24 Cr.P.C .- SUPREME COURT.


(a). Judicial Competition is a portal which provides advocates and students of law to upload their personal profile on this website..The objective of this website is to provide help, assistance and informations to the candidates preparing for Judicial and Administrative competitive examinations as well to students of law.The website Judicial has Uniform Resource Locator (URL) ID. This website has been setup,designed, maintained and promoted by Judicial Competition,India. (b).It is presumed that each and every user , paid or unpaid member or any other person using this website , who logs on to Judicial Competition has logged in to view the informations for preparing him for Judicial or Administrative competitive examinations and do not bear any other intention except its. (c). do not monitor the interaction that takes place between its users and also do not verify the contents, data, videos, images, messages,  or any other data of any kind that can be uploaded by any user or any other person on this website. So, the users or any other person shall verify the correctness of the contents of any data, images , videos, graphics, profiles or any other information before proceeding.  .                                

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