Result of U.P. Higher Judicial Service (Main Written) Examination, 2014 Direct Recruitment to U.P. Higher Judicial Service held on 14th, 15th and 16th November, 2014 has been declared. High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur notified Advertisement for recruitment additional district judges through M.P. Higher Judicial Service (Entry Level) Direct Recruitment for BAR, Exam 2015 Haryana Judicial Services Examination 2014-Pre is conducted on 10th of Jan 2015. The result is awaited. THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI will hold examination for direct recruitment against 14 vacancies to Delhi Higher Judicial Service on Sunday, the 06th April,2014-Last Date 06.02.2014 13/11/2013: While renewing the term of the appointment of the existing incumbents the State Government is required to consider their past performance and conduct in the light of the recommendations made by the District Judges and the District Magistrates. Therefore, the High Court could not have issued a Mandamus for renewal of the term of respondent Nos. 1 and 2 and other similarly situated persons and thereby frustrated the provisions of LR Manual and Section 24 Cr.P.C .- SUPREME COURT.

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9.               Profile Activation: The Profile Activation is necessary for using any of the various paid plans of this website. The profile activation fees is Rs550-00 per month.


10.Online Coaching:


(a)   This website provides online coaching classes for preparation of various judicial services examinations and other legal competitive examinations. This website do not provide the physical classroom coaching.


(b)   The user is required to have a computer /laptop, high speed internet connection (with minimum 3mbps speed), Skype account, headphone with mic. The user must possess the basic knowledge about computer operation.


(c)   The period for the various online coaching courses for various competitive examinations is enumerated below-


(d)   For HJS Plan, the duration of online coaching class is 10 months, which may extend to further 2 months, if required.

(e)   For PCS-J Plan, the duration of online coaching class is 8 months, which may extend to further 2 months, if required.


(f)    For APO/ADA/APP/ADPO Plan, the duration of online coaching class is 5 months, which may extend to further 2 months, if required.


(g)   For Crash Course, the duration of online coaching class is 2 Months,

which may extend to further 1 month, if required.


(h)   For Online Test plan the duration is 1 month


(i)     For Model Papers plan the duration is 2 months.


(j)     For UGC NET 6 months, which may extend to further 2 months, if required.


(k)   The user shall pay the monthly fees for the extended periods, if any, in all the plans.


(l)    Duration of Class Rooms and Working Days:

1.    The Online Coaching class lecture will be of 60 minutes per day.


2.    The classroom runs five days a week. The classroom will remain close on Saturdays’ and Sundays’ of every week.


3.    There shall be summer and winter vacations in the month of June and January every year for 10 days each.


4.    The classroom will remain close on all the Gazette Holidays and Local Holidays. For gazette holidays please see Central Government of India Calendar. Click here to View Calendar, .


5.     Local Holiday will be notified time to time in the class rooms.


(m)         Allotment of Class Room/Batches, Number of Students in Class Room and conducting of Online Coaching Classes:

1.    The allotment of batch for online coaching classes to user will be subject to the availability and this website possess sole discretion for batch allotment without assigning any reason.


2.    There shall be no minimum or maximum limit for number of students in any of batch in class room.


3.    The website does not take any responsibility for smooth conduction of online coaching classrooms due to internet connection failure or weak signals of internet, or,  of non-availability of lecturers, or, for any unforeseen reasons, whatsoever.


(n)  Subject for Coaching in Online Class Rooms:

1.    The website will provide lectures only for the Centrals Acts which are  part of the Syllabus of the Competitive Examination for which plan has been opted by the user.  


2.    The website will not provide lectures for the Local Acts of the syllabus.


3.    This website will not provide lectures on Language and General Knowledge papers.


9.    Profile of the Lecturers:

This website does not provide or display the profile of any lecturer for the user.


10.Data of selected user in Competitive Exams.:

This website does not display any data relating to the number or details of users selected in any Competitive Examination.


11.Study Material:

The lectures in the online coaching classrooms are conducted by taking reference of various books available in the market and users are required to purchase the same at their own cost. Website does not provide any study material for, or, in classrooms, either in hard copy or in soft copy.


12.Fees/Charges & Period:

(a)   For Joining the Online Coaching Classes the profile of user must be active. The profile activation fees is Rs.550.00.


(b)   The requisite fees is mentioned along with the plan displayed at the website.


(c)   This fees may be increased from time to time in the current running batches, in the sole discretion of this website. The students of current running batches will be required to pay the revived-increased fees.


(d)   The monthly fees for any course will be charged month vise in advance. In case a user defaults in paying the fees amount, he/ she will not be allowed to join the classroom.


(e)  The fees will not be received in person in cash at office.


(f)    Fees once deposited by the user will not be refunded.


(g)   The fees shall be deposited in the IDBI Bank, Monga Complex, Delhi Road, Saharanpur, Account No 236102000006132, IFSE Code-IBKL0000236 in favor of M/s Judicial Competition Times (Regd.), Saharanpur.


13.Details of Services available:


(a)  The Model Papers are based on the various books available in the market. The Charges for Viewing the Online Model Papers is Rs.1500.00 for period of two months from date of payment and user is also required to pay Rs.550.00 for profile activation charges.


(b)   The Online Tests are based on the various books available in the market. The Charges for viewing the online test is Rs1500.00 for period of One month from date of payment and user is also required to pay Rs550.00 for profile activation charges.


(c)    The fees for Online Coaching Classes for UGC NET-Law is Rs1800.00 per month. The duration of this course will be 6 months. The user is also required to pay Rs.550.00 for profile activation charges.


(d)   The fees for Online coaching Classes for Higher Judicial Services Examination is Rs1800.00 per month. The duration of this course will be ten months. The user is also required to pay Rs.550.00 for profile activation charges.


(e)   The fees for Online coaching Classes for Civil Judge Junior Division Examination is Rs1600.00 per month. The duration of this course will be eight months. The user is also required to pay Rs.550.00 for profile activation charges.


(f)    The fees for Online coaching Classes for APO/ADA/APP/ADPO Examination is Rs1600.00 per month. The duration of this course will be five months. The user is required to pay Rs550.00 for profile activation charges.


(g)   The duration of period of different plans may be revived/increased, if required, for completion of course plans. User will pay fees for the extended period.


14.Jurisdiction: All disputes, if any, subject to Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh), India Courts jurisdiction.